Gente la versione beta di blogger mi sta facendo saltare i nervi!
Da quando sono passato alla nuova versione (cosa avrà poi di così nuovo..)
impiego una vita e innumerevoli tentativi per postare un commento sui siti e sui blog che visito!
Se sono fortunato alla decima volta il commento viene salvato ma nel frattempo sono passati 20 minuti!!
Scusate la mia assenza non voluta e saluto tutti i miei visitatori!
Spero che blogger risolvi i suoi problemi al più presto!
Anche nel postare queste quattro righe ho impiegato mezz'ora!!!
They are passed to the version beta of blogger. And I more do not succeed to post a comment! Very many they are my tried to write on the blog that I visit, and many are a failure. too times employment ..20 minuts to write a single comment. and my time and unfortunately little. I find myself indeed badly! excused! hello to all my visitors and I hope that blogger you resolve its problems!
this post has even been a odessey!


photowannabe said...

Danielle, I hope your blogger problems will be corrected. I had many difficulities at the beginning when I changed to the Beta Blog. Be patient, I miss your beautiful pictures and nice comments.

notedibordo said...

Spero che sistemino rapidamente... Aspetto le tue nuove foto e penso alla tua pecorella spaziale! Bellissimo commento che hai lasciato da me. A presto!

Joel Reynolds said...

Hey Danielle,

I hope you get those problems worked out, man.
Good luck!

ΓΑΪΔΑΡΑ said...

we'll be waiting for the problems to be resolved... we are waiting to see more of your great shots... ciao! :)

AphotoAday said...

Yes, this Blogger/Google combination has really been a disaster, hasn't it... You'd think there was a way to communicate with Blogger/Google, but really, there isn't -- not that they would care anyway... They make a person feel so insignificant ! Damn them... But I guess I should ask myself -- what do I expect for free ?

mi foto said...

Daniele to my happens to me the same, I have the irritated nerves, to blogger every day goes worse. Now I am looking for a new house to be able to put my photos, but it is difficult to return to begin

Daniele Marioli said...

Therefore they are not the only one to hate blogger! They are loyal with you! they are much sad one for similar insufficient service!
Thanchs to all!

Moi said...

love the first one :)
and any progress with the blogger???